Important Projects

Selected international research projects

Vascular Nitric Oxide Synthesis: Physiological and Pathophysiological Implications  

Grant scheme: PECO - Commission of the European Communities activity

Years of realization: 1994 – 1998 

Project number: BMH1-CT92-1893

The project belongs among the first within the scheme of EU projects and Oľga Pecháňová acted as a principal investigator for Slovak side. It was the first international project on nitric oxide and accelerated international cooperation at EU level. The congresses held within the project led to international exchanges, valuable publications and the recognition of Slovakia as a country that was the first to enter the research of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system. 


The Effects of Natural Flavonoids on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Remodeling 

Grant scheme: DAAD

Years of realization: 2001-2003

Project number: DAAD 323-PPP

The project ensured a repeated study stay of Oľga Pecháňová and her PhD student Woineshet Zenebe in the Institute for Molecular Pharmacology, Berlin-Buch in order to study the effects of selected polyphenols on nitric oxide production in the heart and brain. 


Metabolic Syndrome: Inflammation in Hypertension and Effect of Polyphenols

Grant scheme: SAS - CONICET 

Years of realization: 2010-2012

Project number: PIP‐1122010100612

The project in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Buenos Aires was focussed on studying the role of nitric oxide in different models of metabolic syndrome and determined the effect of polyphenols on reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide balance. 


Gasotransmitters: From Basic Science to Therapeutic Applications

Grant scheme: COST

Years of realization: 2011 –2015

Project number: COST BM1005 

Oľga Pecháňová acted as a member of the Management Committee. The project included world's top researchers in the field of nitric oxide and facilitate international  collaboration  and  exchange  of  young  researchers.  Two of  the  diploma students,  supervised  by   members  of  the COST project,  are  currently  the PhD  students  at the Department leading by Oľga Pecháňová.


Effect of Renin and (Pro)renin Receptor Inhibition on Cardiovascular System with Special Focus on Gasotransmitters

Grant scheme: APVV 

Years of realization: 2012-2013

Project number: SK-SRB-0038-11

The project in cooperation with colleagues from the University for Medical Sciences in Kragujevac was focussed on elucidation of cross-talk between nitric oxide and RAS-dependent pathways in the heart. 


EU-ROS: The European Network on Oxidative Stress and Redox Biology Research

Grant scheme: COST

Years of realization: 2013-2016

Project number: BM1203

EU-ROS project enhanced the competitiveness of European research in oxidative stress problem. By applying fundamentally new approaches it generated advanced knowledge and translated this into novel applications ranging from medicine to crop science. The project also led to international exchanges of students and researchers.


Magnesium Nanocomposites for Biodegradable Medical Implants

Grant scheme: MVTS, SAS -TÜBITAK

Years of realization: 2014 –2017

Project number: JRP 2014/5Project 

Oľga Pecháňová acted as a principal investigator for CEM, SAS.  The project also  in cooperation with IMMM, SAS was focused on  monitoring  the  stability  of  magnesium  nanocomposites  in physiological solutions, cell cultures, in vivo conditions and on affecting nitric oxide synthase activity. The project was highly evaluated at the TUBITAK symposium: Joint Scientific Workshop SAS -TÜBITAK MAM, Gebze, Turkey and represents the basis of applied research in this area.