The effect of aliskiren loaded nanoparticles in experimental hypertension

Grant scheme: APVV  

Years of realization: 2011-2015  

Project number: APVV-0742-10   

Oľga Pecháňová acted as a principal investigator of the project.  The aim of this project was to decrease degradation and to increase bioavailability of the renin inhibitor – aliskiren and to maximalize the effect of aliskiren on kidney function and structure. Decrease of blood pressure was thus effectively achieved by inhibition of the first step in RAAS activation. To increase bioavailability of aliskiren, nanoencapsulation of this drug (nanoalis) was performed followed by application and biological analysis of encapsulated aliskiren forms. By this way renoprotective effect of aliskiren besides blood pressure reduction has been achieved.